Always wanted to have your very own magazine only filled with stuff that really interests you?
I did.
Are you tired of clicking all of your bookmarked blogs one after the other?
I was.
Until I found out Flipboard was waiting for me in the App Store…

It gathers all my favorite feeds and lets me discover new eye candy on a daily basis. Kinda like Pinterest, but slightly more interesting because it shows the captions of blog posts and articles as if you were actually flipping (!) through a magazine. Take a look at my flipboard above this post.

I still need to experiment a little bit on making and sharing my own magazines. It appears you can select interesting articles and add them to your personal magazines with different topics, a feature that seems similar to the Pinterest boards.

What do you guys think of this app? Do you use it frequently?
Any suggestions on feeds that I should add to my Flipboard?